McGill University’s illuminated Book of Remembrance

The McGill University Library and Archives just launched the digital version of the University’s illuminated Book of Remembrance in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of World War I.

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2014 conference of the Section on University and Research Institution Archives
The theme of the conference is Archives and Research Data and participants have already given excellent presentations on the challenges facing archivists and how we deal with these records.

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Iowa online campus maps collection

Old Gold: Exploring history through maps
The University Archives’ online campus maps collection in the Iowa Digital Library reveals perspectives that shed light on campus features that have endured or are long gone.

Iowa Archives
The Old Gold series provides a look at University of Iowa history and tradition through materials housed in University Archives, Department of Special Collections

HKU Libraries Deacons Archives

Preserving the Past, Informing the Future Exhibition of the “Deacons Archives”

The Deacons Archives contains the bulk of the early surviving records of Deacons and its predecessors, including client deeds and papers, wills and probate, deceased estate client files, powers of attorney, business contracts and agreements, certificates, legal correspondence, accounting records, and more. The date range for the Archives is from 1846 to 2007, with a bulk date range between 1880s and 1950s. This surely provides valued information reflecting the social and economic conditions of Hong Kong particularly in the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century.

This exhibition intends to convey the depth, breadth and richness of the Archives’ holdings. The documents on display are various types of records relating to The University of Hong Kong, wills of local renowned entrepreneurs, land lease and land sale deeds, and other intriguing records ranging from the 1900s to the 1960s. A number of damaged documents which have been repaired and restored by our Preservation and Conservation team are also on display, along with images to illustrate the different repair processes.

The University of Hong Kong Libraries is deeply grateful to Deacons for depositing the firm’s archival records with us permanently, which is now formally named as the Deacons Archives. We appreciate very much Deacons’ belief in acknowledging the past, preserving the memory, and investing in the future. History is written with reference to the evidence of the past. We truly honour Deacons’ rationale for making the deposit, which does not only enable the Libraries to preserve the firm’s historical records perpetually, but also to make the Archives available for scholarly research and teaching purposes.

Deacons is Hong Kong’s premier law firm and provides an extensive range of legal and commercial services to local and international businesses. With roots in Hong Kong beginning in 1851, it has long and distinguished histories coupled with influential and prominent partners and clients. The firm’s archival records can help develop connections within our communities, commemorate and encourage philanthropic activities, and contribute to Hong Kong society’s understanding of itself.

Source: HKU Libraries
Information from Access

Google Cultural Institute

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Macau history and Jesuit

濠江水悠悠 澳門五百年

播出日期: 2013-08-26

播出日期: 2013-08-27

播出日期: 2013-08-28

播出日期: 2013-08-29
Jesuit | 利瑪竇 Ricci, Matteo, 1552-1610 | 湯若望 | 南懐仁

播出日期: 2013-09-02

播出日期: 2013-09-03

播出日期: 2013-09-04

播出日期: 2013-09-09

播出日期: 2013-09-16


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New York Public Library Maps Online

New York Public Library Puts 20,000 Hi-Res Maps Online

Warpping — a digital enhancement technology, also known as “georectification”
Warper — a special feature that helps place historical maps in a modern visual field

NYPL blog
NYPL Map Warper

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Digital version of Western Books on China

Western Books on China in Libraries in Vienna/Austria, 1477-1939

Bibliotheca Sinica 2.0 explores Sino-Western encounters by ways of texts and images published before 1939 and is intended as an extension of the bibliography Western Books on China in Libraries in Vienna/Austria, 1477-1939.

Bibliotheca Sinica 2.0 aims to provide information on digitized books on China (published up to 1939) freely available in digital repositories all over the world.

Oxford Bodleian Libraries’ Selden Map on display at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum




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Global Digital Libraries

Global Digital Libraries

University libraries and humanities centers are shifting many resources toward the development of digital libraries and archives, intended to foster scholarly research in networks that span both national and financial borders. Large-scale projects along these lines, such as Europeana and the Digital Public Library of America, have developed out of academic discussions and endeavors initiated by professors and librarians. At the same time, large-scale, international, collaborative initiatives present new organizational challenges for humanities departments and research libraries alike. This symposium will explore and critique the kinds of models that have emerged for building global digital libraries, and the kinds of comparative research that have been made possible through them.

source: UVA RBS

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