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Connecting Remote Desktop Gateway from Non-Windows Client

Posted by: martinl | May 3, 2013 |

A major problem with Microsoft VDI is that there is no free RDP client for Mac. Neither Microsoft RDP for Mac v2.1.1 nor CoRD v0.5.7 support RDC redirection/gateway.

I’ve tried freeRDP half-year ago. At that time, I’ve to build it from source and it’s not mature enough for end-user. Today, the installation is a bit easier. It can be installed from package manager with a couple of steps,

  1. Install Xcode from AppStore
  2. Install Xcode Command Line Tools from Xcode->Preferences->Downloads
  3. Install port pkg from MacPorts.org
  4. Install FreeRDP from a terminal shell
It seems to be more stable but still not good enough for average users. For example, it doesn’t works with RDP gateway and there are reports on mouse and other stability problems in the forum.
iTap seems to be the most common commercial alternative. It costs about HK$200. It works well with Remote Desktop Gateway. There is even a post mentioned it supports Microsoft VDI but I can’t find a way to specify desktop pool ID.
Wise PocketCloud Pro
It’s cheaper than iTap and costs only HK$116. The free version is quite good but doesn’t support RDP Gateway. So, I haven’t tried it yet.
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