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Charging into the Future

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Windows 8 Worldwide Shares

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Worldwide OS Distribution (Dec 2012)

Worldwide OS Distribution (Dec 2012)



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Some AV vendor stats

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“From September to October 2012, the effectiveness of Security Essentials at spotting zero-day malware attacks - catching unknown viruses that are new in the wild - dropped from 69% to 64%. The industry average is 89%.

For detecting malware that’s been discovered in the past few months, Security Essentials scored a 90% detection rate, which is still well below the 97% average for the industry. That’s just bad no matter how you slice it. As a result, AV-Test has withdrawn its certification for MSE.”



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Disk Drive Failure Study

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Just came across this old doc,


This is something I want to know for years.

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Working with custom attributes in PowerCLi

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I’ve thought of setting up a security awareness campaign and part of the program is to send out phishing email to our users and see who will surrender his/her credential. Not knowing that there is such service like PhishMe.


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More Code, More Problems

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This is also my philosophy:

“Readability should be a feature. Code should be simple and terse, but clear. Value clarity over cleverness. When I’m writing code, I try to consider how quickly another developer will be able to understand it at first glance. Alternately, will I be able to understand it when I come back to it in two months? The less time I waste trying to figure out how things work, the more there will be for getting things done.”

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Can’t Detect Cruzer 64GB flash drive

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Recently we have a case that a user fails to use his flash drive on our system. The drive is a Cruzer USB 2.0 64GB memory stick and it is not recognisible on our PC. After some troubleshooting, we have the following findings,

  • It doesn’t work with ICH6 based, USB 2.0 port
  • OK on USB 3.0 port
  • OK on USB 2.0 port on a AMD based PC
  • If format the drive in NTFS, it works with all systems!

It  seems the default fat32 format has problem with ICH6 chipset.  Even more strange is that my colleague found a fat32 formatting tool that formats the drive in fat32 format that is   recognisable by all systems!


The PC world is intriguing, right?

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Some Common ESXi Commands

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The Apple Way

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Apple hides Samsung statement with clever Javascript

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