Hello!How many courses in total you will recommend to us?And,what kind of course should we choose more,Engineering Fundamental Courses or University Common Core Courses ?

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  1.   hcchang Says:

    A1: 15/18 credits(5-6 courses) per semester.
    A2: engineering fundamental courses since you can make clear your desired program by taking these fundamental introduction courses.

  2.   lmma Says:

    I recommend 5 or 6 courses per semester.
    You will have to take 15 cr per semester and that is how 5 comes (and it is good for you to adapt). But 6 courses is common around students.

    There are no good answer for how many common core advised to take the first year. My advice is to take all EFC that seem good to you, and register for Common Core as much as possible. One further information to give is that it is easier to register ‘good’ courses in later years.

  3.   megasprite Says:

    1 engineering fundamental course and 1 ~ 2 common core courses (other than math, language course, physics and computer course) each semester is believed to be appropriate.

  4.   lchenas Says:

    But if I choose 5-6 courses,it informs me they take more than 15hours ,shoud I ignore it?

  5.   yykongaa Says:

    It is okay to study 15 credits in a term. You can further modify the enrolled courses during add/drop period (2nd-14th September) if you think the number of courses is too many.

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