Sir,can you introduce some thing about double major?

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  1.   tcwongaj Says:

    With the approval of the major department, undergraduate students can graduate with dual program designation (e.g. BEng in Computer Engineering AND Electronic Engineering), if they can complete the requirements of the two undergraduate programs within the normal period of study. A double major may also be taken across two Schools provided that both programs lead to the same type of degree (e.g. BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics). On graduation, the student will be awarded a single degree with two majors.

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  3.   megasprite Says:

    As far as I am concerned, students usually choose computer science and math, as both major reward you with diploma of bachelor of science. Students seldom choose other majors as one of their two majors. And there is dual degree which is different from double major. Dual degree provide you with one business major and one engineering major.

  4.   zachary Says:

    what kind of major can match with MECH?

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