when is the deadline of pre registration??

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  1.   tcwongaj Says:

    14/8. However, we highly recommend you to pre-registrate now

  2.   megasprite Says:

    The deadline should be stipulated in the email sent by the school. Please check it again.

  3.   kaychan Says:

    I am not sure what I am going to choose as my major between COMP,ELEC and MECH now.And I am afraid I will not be able to meet the requirements of each major in Year2 if I don’t take some courses in Year1.Is it possible?Could u please give me some advice on choosing my engineering fundamental courses?

  4.   tcwongaj Says:

    have a look on it. It may help you to choose your courses

  5.   yykongaa Says:

    Hi kaychan,

    If you are not sure about choosing COMP, ELEC and MECH, it is suggested to take their introductory courses in the first year, one from COMP, one from ELEC and one from MECH. This can allow you to have a feel about them.

    Here are some suggestions:
    COMP 1021 Introduction to Computer Science
    COMP 1022P Introduction to Computing with Java
    COMP 1022Q Introduction to Computing with Excel VBA
    ELEC 1100 Introduction to Electro-Robot Design
    ELEC 1200 A System View of Communications: from Signals to Packets
    MECH 1901 Automotive Engineering
    MECH 1902 Energy Systems in a Sustainable World
    MECH 1906 Mechanical Engineering for Modern Life

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