Is the pre-register courses already enrolled for us? And how can I know the schedule of pre-register courses?

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  1.   lmma Says:

    You will know them by the enrollment period.
    They will be shown in student centre

  2.   megasprite Says:

    No course will be enrolled automatically. You have to enroll in the course during either pre-enrollment or enrollment period. As for the schedule, you can check it out at The second column is date and time.

  3.   hyjyiu Says:

    no, you need to choose the course yourself, you will put into one of the lecture randomly detail:
    you can swap into your desire time slot later during the enrollment period

  4.   yykongaa Says:

    You have to choose which courses you want the school to be pre-enrolled to you at

    Then, before the class enrollment period (26-29 September), you can see that the enrolled courses are already appeared on your timetable.

    For checking the schedule of each courses, there are two ways:
    1. Go to this link, and select courses from different departments at the top:
    2. Go to, login and select Student Center. Login again and click ‘Search’ tab, and then enter the queries to search particular courses

  5.   egpat Says:

    The enrolment period should be 29 Aug to 14 Sept. All important dates relevant to new students can be found at

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