error with moses-script-xxxxxx/training/

The following is wrong:

When tuning param for moses using, you should create the two folder mert/ and extractor/ first. Otherwise, you will got error by line 303 or 304 in .

If you get errors like

Exit code: 127
Failed to do extraction of statistics. at XXX/scripts-YYYYMMMDD-XXXX/training/ line 662.

set –mertdir = XXX/moses/mert/, which contains extractor etc.


giza++ buffer overflow / stack smashing

If you encounter problems like buffer overflow or stack smashing when using GIZA++ in 2010 ~ early 2011, you should have a look at this page:


As per the google code page for GIZA++, under "Issue 11", comment 3, I changed
the size of time_stmp in file file_spec.h (in GIZA++) from 17 char's to 37
(pseudo-randomly selected (larger) number), rebuilt things, and had stuff start
to work (without using an older g++).


[FYT] set environment variables before using moses

export SCRIPTS_ROOTDIR=/full-path-to-workspace/bin/moses-scripts/scripts-YYYYMMDD-HHMM


[FYT][moses] summary of missing packages

To install moses on ubuntu10.04, you have to install additional packages that are not shipped with the OS. Here is a summary of the missing packages. Hope it can help you.

A. When installing SRILM:

  • csh
  • tcl8.5
  • tcl8.5-dev
  • dpkg-awk

B. When installing Moses:

  • zlib1g-dev
  • boost (optional)

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[FYT][moses] zlib.h issue

When compiling moses on ubuntu, it may give error message like “_gzf was not declared in this scope”.

This is because the missing of “zlib1g-dev” package.


[FYT] install SRILM

In order to use Moses, I want to install SRILM.!2115755AE5F9E79!221.entry

These resources help me a lot. Highly recommend to those Ubuntu users.