[FYT] set environment variables before using moses

export SCRIPTS_ROOTDIR=/full-path-to-workspace/bin/moses-scripts/scripts-YYYYMMDD-HHMM


[FYT][moses] summary of missing packages

To install moses on ubuntu10.04, you have to install additional packages that are not shipped with the OS. Here is a summary of the missing packages. Hope it can help you.

A. When installing SRILM:

  • csh
  • tcl8.5
  • tcl8.5-dev
  • dpkg-awk

B. When installing Moses:

  • zlib1g-dev
  • boost (optional)

Comments (1)

possibly undefined macro: AC_PROG_LIBTOOL

To fix “possibly undefined macro: AC_PROG_LIBTOOL” while installing Moses : Install the package — libtool